Virus No.6 Crew – Back to the Streets

Virus No.6 Crew – Back to the Streets

塗鴉對我來講 是一種對藝術熱誠集大成的總和

因為塗鴉 過程 包含了合法與不合法的邊境遊走

而塗鴉也涵蓋著行動力的要求以及過程充滿未知的危險性 所以當投入塗鴉需要具備一定的熱血和動力才能達成…


現行的塗鴉定義非常的廣泛 但也許深層的意義和靈魂 大家卻不是非常的了解


結果前…沒有人知道你的過程 沒有人知道他的危險 沒有人了解夜路的美

有時候無法找到一個和自己一樣充滿熱血的人隨時出發 隨時熱血

有時候無法在像以前一樣 毫無顧慮的隨時出動 在不合法的地帶進行 對自我想法的表達

透過這個影片 帶給大家最直接的… 塗鴉的初衷 塗鴉的過程…

To me, graffiti is the sum of all my passion for art. I wander on the edge of bending the rules while painting—

it’s very risky—so you need full passion and the ability to take action. Maybe what’s so fascinating about graffiti is the excitement of doing it. 

The current definition of graffiti is wide, and people don’t actually get the deeper meaning of it, so the process of doing it can be harsh, time-consuming, and lonely. 

No one knows how you do it, the danger of doing it, and no one sees the beauty of the roads at night. 

Sometimes I can’t find someone with the same passion to do this with; sometimes, unlike before, I am just not such a man of action. 

I used to express myself through graffiti, paint freely without too much thinking, and do it at prohibited places.

Through this video, I’m hoping to present to you how I initially started painting graffiti, and the process of doing it.

Writer by Amosone (Virus no.6 crew)

Director by Strike (Virus no.6 crew) 

Translated by I-Lien

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